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  1. Johnch

    16 GB SD Cards on sale

    I went to Office Max today in NorthWood As I needed printer cartidge's and Office has most stuff 20% off After grabing the stuff I needed I looked around I walked by the SD cards PNY 16 GB SDHC cards , normaly $17 something were on sale for $12 something And I got 20% off the...
  2. Mike

    DEAL 8 GB SDHC ards - $8

    BIG LOTS has SanDisk 8 GB SDHC cards for $8. They usually keep them up front by the registers.
  3. Tree Monkey

    NW Ohio boy facing the Cards tonight!

    Defiance High school alumni is pitching for the Mets. Defiance has plenty of guys in the bigs and in college ...always turning out prospects.
  4. "J"

    DEAL SD Cards

    Started too get my stuff together for the new cameras and came across a deal I think was worth passing along.... Lot of 10 SanDisk 4GB SD SDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Cards for 68.00 with free shipping.... So I figured I'd pass it along.... Heres the link...
  5. Schu72

    Clearing SD cards

    Just was wondering if there is anything to be concerned about when deleting or transferring files off of my sd cards? I would hate to have a card in the camera for a few weeks and come to find out I screwed up the formatting or something. The last time I grabbed the entire file (DICM) or...
  6. Ohiosam

    Marriage is like a deck of cards

  7. Milo

    Micro SD cards

    Has anyone used the micro SD cards in their cams yet? Looking to see if anyone has experienced problems with the MircoSD to SD card card adapter working with the Cams...