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  1. Archertl

    Is The Chat Broken?

    I tried to login to chat last night and it said I've been banned. :smiley_blackeye:
  2. badger

    In Chat

    Yep, I am
  3. Riverdude


    Going into Chat for a few if anyone is out there.
  4. badger

    Headed To The Chat

  5. ohio mossy oak


    Chat anyone??
  6. deerburger

    Chat room?

    Hey Joe, not that you don't have enough on your plate with this site, but I was just wondering when the chat room might come back? There's a lot of nights like tonight where the wife is out and it might be nice to have a campfire.
  7. badger

    Chat Anyone?

    Just got back from the bar, I'm up for a little chat if you are. I'll go there now.
  8. moundhill


    I'm headin over
  9. Beentown


    Anyone bored during the game I am going to head to the chatroom. Watch the game and talk sh*t long distance. Beentown
  10. R

    chatty chat chatster

    I'm bored...loggin into the ole chat room....
  11. Diablo54


    I'll be in the chat room:smiley_coolpeace: