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  1. Outdoorsfellar

    Corn on the cob ... NOW

    In case you didn't know this, I certainly didn't ..... if you see corn in stores such as wally world at this time of year, you can prepare it & have it just as tasty as in later summer. My wife & I had some in April & it was so delicious. This corn came from Florida like any other would this...
  2. COB-TY

    COB" Team

    ME, Myself, and I sat on stand three hours on season opener evening. Saw seven deer at "to far" or "to damned far" for shooting. Skeeter like to eat me up! Was a great night to be in the woods! Still and silent. Want to get out another time soon. All depends on lots of things!
  3. Tree Monkey

    Hey COB!!!!

    Went out today and sighted in my gun I got from ya. Hand loaded some 58g vmax with 38.5 g of varget. Zero sighted it in at 200yds and gave me this group off the bog pod tri pod. Not anything to brag about but not bad for th first test load. Gonna try this load again when I can stay out a...