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  1. Riverdude

    Cleveland - Forgery Crack Down Shocker.

    Damn! http://news.yahoo.com/feds-cracking-down-on-knockoff-nfl-jersey-operation-stunned-to-find-man-stockpiling-weapons-173750741.html
  2. twireman

    Good guys 1 crack head 0.....

    Video of self defense shooting in Dayton earlier this week...... http://fox.daytonsnewssource.com/shared/newsroom/raw_news/videos/vid_47.shtml Here is a link to his discussion forum on ohioccwforum.com http://ohioccwforums.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=53502
  3. Mike

    Poured foundation crack repair

    Not hunting related, but worthy of mentioning. I'm currently working on a crack and I'm waiting for the epoxy to cure. This method is for poured concrete walls only. http://www.emecole.net/videos/crack-injection-pro.php I've done over 120 feet of cracks in basement over three years and it...