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  1. M

    cva wolf ??

    does anybody own one an what kind of load 2 you use in it.am giving this 2 my wife and i allways used 3 777 pellets and 295grs powerbelt in it.i want 2 back off the load 4 the wife ,seeing that 3 pellets does have a kick 2 it:smiley_bril: am thinking about starting out at 80grs of pyrdex...
  2. twireman

    CVA Optima/loads.

    Getting a new Optima for christmas. Figured some guys on here have one and curious what loads/powders work best for ya. I don't plan on shooting past 100 yards. Thanks in advance.
  3. U

    cva or thompson center

    the traditions i baught last year was junk , had all kinds of problems with it , i may have asked this before , but it never hurts to ask again if you had choice of muzzleloaders to buy , which one would you get , i have shot cva all my life except last year , but it never hurts to try new...
  4. Mike

    CVA Wolf

    A buddy was given a CVA Wolf and has the following questions which I can't answer. Any help I can give him would be appreciated.
  5. Ohiosam

    The purtiest CVA you'll ever see!

    It's not a secret that I'm not a big CVA fan, but credit where credit is due. I wonder how she shoots? http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=213829692
  6. U

    cva trivia

    heres a little game to help me build my collection name every muzzleloader cva has built im starting a cva collection and not wanting to miss any
  7. U

    cva or tc

    i gave the wife my traditions buck stalker and im looking into either a cva accura v2 or a thompson center pro hunter , whats the pros and cons of both that you guys have heard