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  1. dante322

    Delaware state park is drowned.

    The missus and I were out for a drive this evening and decided to go poke around the delaware state park and wildlife area. We turned off of st. rt. 23 onto rt. 229 and immediately came to a road closed sign. the water on the north end of the lake was still at least 4 feet deep on the road...
  2. Bowlowe

    Delaware wildlife area

    Was wondering if anyone has hunted Delaware wildlife area for turkey, not asking for specifics just new to turkey hunting and need a general direction and Delaware is close to me , thanks in advance for any help.
  3. MandRroofing

    City of Delaware

    Does anyone know if you can bowhunt in the city limits of delaware
  4. tit1eist2

    Delaware State Park

    Well I'm mixing it up and heading down to Delaware State Park tomorrow for gun opener in the bow only zones. I've never been down there, actually heading with a couple friends who I think I've gone a couple times. Anybody had any luck or experiences down there? I've looked on the map but have...
  5. matt hougan


    Anyone live near Delaware? I have a favor to ask.
  6. Ohiosam

    Delaware Co Deer

    Anyone still hunting deer in Delaware county I know where they all are. There was a herd of 25-30 deer in a small field today at 4:00 PM on the East side of 71 near mile marker 127.