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  1. hunterkid94

    How would you react?

    Okay so I found this video today of a lady flipping out due to a guy driving a diesel truck, now I figure there has to be a few of you on here who either own or have owned a diesel and I want to know how you would react to this. Just enjoy the video:)...
  2. Jackalope

    For you Diesel Truck Drivers..

  3. U

    gas or diesel

    whats the pro's and cons of both , i got 3 months to decide which one i want in a truck , and i dont know much about diesel engines
  4. "J"

    Diesel Mechanics Needed

    If your a diesel mechanic and a Veteran..... And want to do some traveling they are looking to fill some openings in Austrailia.... Here is what a friend sent me... "Stumbled accross the opportunity of a life time! If you are or know a diesel engine mechanic/tech looking for work, I'm...