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  1. Bowhunter57


    One friend said to the other, “What is a dilemma, actually?” He replied, “Well, there's nothing better than an example to illustrate that. Imagine that you are laying in a big bed with a beautiful naked young woman on one side and a gay man on the other. Who are you going to turn your back on?
  2. saddlepants

    Got an unusual Ammo dilemma

    I came home late from a shoot one night back when I first got started again and... I always keep one of my 45s in my nightstand loaded at home and so I loaded one and stuck it in there but didnt think about it not being cleaned and said no worries I usually clean them good the following week...
  3. Archertl

    .22 Pistol Dilemma

    I want to get a .22 pistol for practicing my handgun skills. Im shooting about 50-100 rounds every week or two of 9mm and the ammo costs add up quickly. Im debating over getting the .22 cal side for my Sig P229 or buying a Ruger Mark III or a Browning Buckmark. I like the fact that the controls...
  4. Rutin

    Buck Dilemma

    Well I didnt want to hijack Joes thread on aces and eights but im in a similar situation. Ive told myself all year that im going to make this year FUN and not worry sooo much about a particular deer. Well ive got myself caught up on a buck I have 3 yrs of history with named Titan. Titan is a...