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  1. teej89

    Dove Season

    Hey guys I'm looking at going out for some doves to kill the time till bow season starts. However the land I have out west there isn't much of a dove population for what I've seen so far. Not that I've been looking that hard. But I was looking at checking out Delaware Wildlife Area and...
  2. jagermeister

    Breasting Out Birds

    This is neither a project, nor a craft, but just a simple How-To. I know that for most of us here at TOO, this is pretty common knowledge... But for a new bird hunter, it could be useful. I know when I first started bird hunting, I was pretty clueless about how to clean a bird. In this...
  3. jagermeister

    Sileage Dove Bonanza!

    The big dairy farm south of me has chopped sileage like crazy over the past month, and the doves are pouring in like nothing I've ever seen before. There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of doves utilizing these fields right now. So yesterday I picked up a box of shells and went out for a...
  4. CJD3

    Dove, Squirrel and Goose- Saturday

    Been a long time since I set my sight on a Fox Squirrel Opening day is this saturday: 9/1/12-1/31/13--(6 a day) Dove- 9/1/12-10/21/12 and 12/15/12-1/2/13--(15 a day) Also opening in a woods or waterway near you; Rails-9-1-12--11/9/12 (25 a day) Common Snipe-9/1/12--11/25/12 and...
  5. Huckleberry Finn

    Dove Hunting

    Anyone going dove hunting this weekend, or in the time to come? Never done it. Thinking about taking walking some corn fields with the shotgun on Saturday.
  6. Thunderflight

    Dove' Tufelhundin?

    Tuffy ever get his internet turned on?