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  1. Big_Holla

    Which Drop-Away Rest??

    I will be picking up my new bow in the next few weeks and wanted to get all of TOO's opinions on what rest I should be looking at. I have used QAD Ultra Rest in the past and have really liked how it performs but let's hear what you all have to say.... :smiley_cigar:
  2. L

    FOR SALE Two sights and a drop away rest

    I have two different new fiber optic sights for a compound bow and also a used NAP quick tune drop away rest for sell or trade. The first sight is a Impact Archery NI104, this is a three pin sight but the red fiber is broke making it a two pin sight. The other sight is a Impact Archery NI151 and...
  3. "J"

    Drop box

    Anyone heard of or had any dealings with a website called dropbox.com? Any pros/cons you'd like too share.... A friends son told me about it and how you can store your pictures and only share them with whom you want..... Looked at it and it seems legit just not sure and don't want too use it if...
  4. Beentown

    Wanted: Drop leg holster...

    Just wondering if anyone has a drop leg holster I could bum? I need it for my halloween costume. Wouldn't you know I have like 20+ holsters but no drop legs. I ain't that cool yet :smiley_coolpeace:
  5. JD Boyd

    Trophy Ridge drop away

    They came out with a new drop, the Revolution. It fully contains the arrow on the rest and what I like best is the price, $49.99. Can't beat that for a drop away...