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  1. Tree Monkey

    ALL you can eat frog legs!!!!

    Here I come baby!!....$7 all you can eat frog legs plus buffet at local VFW. Good day
  2. Bowhunter57

    Yellow Snow?

    Don't eat yellow snow! We've all heard the saying and we know what it means....or do we? :smiley_chinrub: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqD2tKpdPY8 Bowhunter57
  3. Buckslayer

    How many apples can you eat in 9 minutes...

    Amazing that he looks about the same in every pic but just demolishes the apples without being caught on camera... btw the next pic at 12:03 the apple back by his foot was gone.
  4. savatreatabvr

    New Member! Save A Tree Eat A Beaver!

    No I'm not a tree hugger, lol I'm originally from a small private lake in Oklahoma called Cedar Lake but now live in Phoenix, AZ. As kids we'd ride our dirt bikes off into the woods and hunt for whatever we could find but we never really found anything, maybe some birds and a few squirrels is...
  5. Jackalope

    Facebook. Zuckerberg "I only eat what I kill"

    Even interested in hunting...
  6. Curran

    Next time I'm in Iowa I know where I'm going to eat...

    Flavor Flav Wants To Compete With Colonel Sanders Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh Boooooooooyyyyyyy rotflmao http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/hiphopmediatraining/361263/flavor-flav-wants-to-compete-with-colonel-sanders/