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  1. Boone

    eye guard

    One of the best things about this time of year is having new bucks show up on your cameras. I have never seen this guy before and I would shoot him given the chance. I think he's 3.5 and I really like the character of the extra eye guard on his left side. It looks pretty solid and polished so...
  2. DJK Frank 16

    Keep Your Eye on the Sky This Weekend

    http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/09/21/fema-prepared-for-dead-nasa-satellites-plunge-to-earth-this-week/ I would say if this thing hits land, it's going to leave a mark!
  3. T

    got my eye on the prize

    iv been watchin these 3 bucks in this bean feild one id say 125 in,other bout 130-135 other is probly a 150 in...but the thng is the feild were the bucks are is 60 yards from the dang highway ...so im not for sure if i should hang a set an take a chance for somone to steal my stands sticks...wat...
  4. Tree Monkey

    My favorite present of all....brings a tear to my eye.

    If she becomes a hunter I think she will be a very fashion conscious hunter. LOL