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  1. rossbows

    Gravity feeder

    I made a gravity feeder today. Made it out of a salt tank and pvc pipe. I put a funnel in the top of the pipe to slow the feed flow down. Had to do a couple of test runs to get the pipe length right and it works perfect. Just hope the deer use it not the coons. Going to mix my own high protein...
  2. Kujo

    game feeder vs. bait pile?

    okay, I am only baiting 1 of my properties this year. right now I have plenty of apples to get me through the 1st month TOO month and a half. the farmer said I would hook me up with a truck bed full of corn again this year. So I was wondering if it would be better to go with a game feeder with a...
  3. Beentown

    Deer feeder part deaux...which one?

    I wanna buy a few and looking for good feeders for cheap! Any recommendations? Beentown
  4. cotty16

    Deer Feeder

    Well, I grabbed a Moultrie feeder and now I'm debating what the best thing to put in it is. Of course corn, but does anybody have any other things they've used along with corn that works? All this controversy over if corn is good or bad has me wondering. I don't really know one way or...