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  1. brock ratcliff

    Field and Stream

    Scott Bestul has a piece in October's issue of Field and Stream. It's about deer management, and how it is becoming increasingly influenced by state's farm bureaus and politicians. From the article, it seems state wildlife agencies are having less and less actual influence on deer...
  2. Ohiosam

    Field and Stream store

    Dicks is launching a new chain of out door stores called Field and Stream. The first store opens this weekend in Cranberry, a Pittsburgh suburb about 40 minutes from me. The second store will be in Erie Pa. I'll be interested in seeing if they stock modern sporting rifles...
  3. Bowhunter57

    Coyote pack mousing a field

    The things you see, when you don't have your rifle. :smiley_depressive: I was driving about a half mile north of my house, headed to the range with 3 handguns. I look over into a wheat stubble field, about 150 yards out and I see 4 coyotes. They appeared to be "mousing" and combing the area...
  4. M

    Field of Dreams

    Going to call my new 2 ac. food plot a Field of Dreams. Never tried food plots before. And will keep you posted on my progress. This food plot is next to my hunting woods. 1. bought my 6ft 3pt. disk 2. bought all my seed so don't have to worry about supplies in couple weeks. 3. sent in soil...
  5. jagermeister

    Short Reed Goose Calling Instructional Videos

    The early goose season is almost upon us, fellas. And right now is the time to get those short-reeds back out of your blind bags and knock the dust off of them. I'm a long-time fan of Field Hudnall and his brother, Clay. In my opinion, Field is one of the best hunting videographer/editors...
  6. RedCloud

    Field dressed and skined under 8min.

    I just seen this video and I wish it was during the day or at least in better light but thought it was cool and wanted to post it up for everybody. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwCDB7g43_8&feature=player_embedded
  7. bowhunter1023

    A good day in the field...

    Being in the field comes with its own set of perks and I thought I would share one of them with you all. While negotiating with the son-in-law of a landowner recently, the SIL mentioned that he did a good bit of hunting and that I was welcome to stop by his place sometime to check out his...
  8. Ohiosam

    Royal Navy Field Gun Competition

  9. 1hornwilly

    How do you field dress?

    Just wondering how you all have found to be the best and fastest way to gut a deer...??? I ain't the fastest, but I'll hang them head up and have them done in 10 min or so... I'd have made this a poll, but I'm too retarded to figure out how. Post any detail you can so I can learn something and...