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  1. brock ratcliff

    G. Fred Asbell

    My loving bride ordered me every book he has out for Christmas. I never had the original "Instinctive Shooting", but I did have "IS 2", and it served to nearly destroy my shooting after reading it and trying to do as instructed. Honestly, I haven't shot as well since reading it as I did...
  2. swamp_donkey819

    unknow fred bear bow

    got this in on a trade, it says fred bear on the limbs and riser but doesnt say what model, can anyone help with info on it. like model name year ibo stuff like that
  3. swamp_donkey819

    DEAL 2009 fred bear showdown

    have a 2009 fred bear showdown, all set up, basic stuff, has whisker bisquit, s coil limbsavers stabalizer, trophy ridge 3 pin level sights, peep sight d loop, and quiver, 29 in draw 60-70lb right handed, accepting trade offers on other bows, will post a pic as soon as i can get one taken and...
  4. R

    FOR SALE Fred Bear Takedown Limbs 35# Circa 1970-1973

    For sale is a set of Fred Bear Takedown limbs, 35#. Limbs are glass over wood, cream colored with black tips. Writing on the limbs includes the following: Patent #s: 2,842,113 D-204,065 3,415,241 3,502,063 Canada 1970 Serial number is faded but appears to be: A2I9186 Limbs appear to be in...
  5. U

    welcome fred t

    hey buddy your quick , just got off the phone with ya a few minutes ago.... welcome aboard youll love it here , and cant waitto see pics of your "pet deer " ...lol