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  1. Rutin

    Good to have friends!!!!

    There's been a lot of people losing dogs to coyotes this year..... Here's one solution! Gotta love Rotty's! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=5ef_1369938243
  2. hickslawns

    Jessie Harrison on "Friends of the NRA"

    Nice. She is not "too fit" yet not too skinny. She is a hard bodied lady that knows guns. She has a good TV personality. She seems fairly down to Earth. Seems to have a good sense of humor. If she was a blue eyed brunette, I think she would be perfect.
  3. matt hougan

    A tip for my TOOzer friends

    JBrowns post this week inspired me to offer a few tips as well, strictly for my new TOOzer brothers and sisters. I appologize for the sound quality but you get the idea. If you guys find this useful I'd gladly make more.
  4. Mike

    Good friends first Ohio deer

    My buddy Mark from work (from Michigan) started hunting Ohio this year. He killed his first Ohio deer last evening. Rage through the heart @ forty yards. This is a permit property that we both hunt. He's a veteran hunter and is the guy who got me into hunting. I drove down and helped him extract...
  5. bowhunter1023

    Words with Friends

    Anyone on here have this app on their phone? If so, look me up under my Porno Country Music Video Star name of Curtis McGill!!! lmao
  6. Buckrun


    What is the point of adding people on here to your friends list? Right now I don't have any.:smiley_cry: