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  1. Mike

    FOR SALE 92 Gallon Corner All-Glass aquarium

    Tank only and it is drilled for bulk heads. It also has a plastic background that will hide all plumbing (removable). $200 Wet dry system w/out pump. $50 I have no place to put this tank, so please come and get it.
  2. U

    found suppliers of food grade 55 gallon drums

    found a few suppliers http://ohiobarrel.com/index.html http://ohio.backpage.com/Farm/20-55-gallon-food-grade-barreldrum/6326266
  3. Mike

    FOR SALE 150 Gallon Aquarium

    All-Glass aquarium with custom concrete background. Fish or reptiles, it makes a great environment. Tank and stand only. $300 pick up only :smiley_coolpeace:
  4. U

    WTB plastic 55 gallon drums

    must be clean , im getting cabin fever , and decided to make some bait buckets for a few buddies out of them , any one know where i can get some lemme know