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  1. cotty16

    Storage for Hunting clothes / gear

    Currently, I have a makeshift hanging system in my garage for all of my hunting clothes and gear. It's a mess, to say the least. My garage is the main entry way into our house and the best place for my hunting stuff so I do not track mud through the house. I'm looking for ideas for storage...
  2. Huckleberry Finn

    Turkey Gear

    I hate forgetting gear and I'm actually packing up my gear this weekend for the opener just to have it ready and home. I thought I'd throw my stuff out and snap a quick picture. Remington 870 with Undertaker Choke - I threw an Allen red dot at the end of the barrel #4 3 inch Nitro's Gear...
  3. themedic

    Wish List of "haves" Before Next Fall

    This is a spin off of CJD3's post about wishing it was fall. My title is how I read his and my mind starting racing with all the things I would like to have before next fall. I have a pretty big wish list. Whats everyone want or need before next fall? Here is mine: A bigger truck-I...
  4. jagermeister

    DEAL Gameplan Gear Treestand Transport System

    Mack's Prairie Wings has a heck of a good deal going on Gameplan Gear TTS's right now. Check it out... http://www.mackspw.com/Item--i-GPGTSTP
  5. bowhunter1023

    Alright gear heads...

    My time for Project Redman has come to an end and its time to sell my beloved Jeep. Before you say anything Nickel, I have to brother. I have to... I need some guidance on getting her back on the road. I put $1,800 in her back in 2008 and have maybe 10 miles on it since then. It has sat in...
  6. RedCloud

    Newbie gear ?

    Being a newbie at this turkey thing what would you guys suggest to get a guy started being on a limited budget ? The only shotgun I have is a model 1300 Winchester that will shoot 3" shells and was looking at the undertaker chokes that are on sale at the DEN for $18 I have messed around...
  7. Schu72

    How much huntig gear do you lose every year?

    I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm getting tired of replacing stuff. I do my best to stay organized, but always manage to lose stuff. So far this year I've lost or misplaced: Camo beanie cap $12 Breech plug for my Knight Wolverine $30 (replacement just came in the mail) Full Box of Hevi...
  8. RedCloud

    TOO Gear on hand

    Tan T's with the white logo on front and back. I have sizes Med.,Lrg., XL Black T's with white skull front and back. I have sizes Small Child, Med. Black Dri-Wicking T's with white logo on front. I have sizes 2XL Green T's with buck logo on front in white. I have sizes Med., XL. I also...
  9. Dannmann801

    WalMart is discounting their hunting gear

    It's that time - your local Wallyworld is marking down all their hunting stuff for clearance. $5 long sleeve camo tees, $20 camo coats, all the little deer hunting trinkets and such are "red-tagged".
  10. jagermeister

    Gameplan Gear TTS - Torn Seams - CS Thread

    While on my hunting trip in Morgan County, a couple of the seams on my TTS ripped apart. I just sent an email to support@gameplangear.com to see what they could do fo me... and also what I should do to prevent the same type of failure in the future. Below is the email I sent to GPG. I will...
  11. Huckleberry Finn

    Gear Review

    Hey Jose, Can we get a GearReview_ for posts? Or a certain place to put 'em? I'm gonna write one up and put it in the general section...so feel free to move it/change it/ etc if you feel like this is necessary Thanks man...
  12. jagermeister

    Looking for Gameplan Gear TTS connector straps...

    Need a little help fellas. I need an extra set of the TTS connector straps but I'm having a tough time tracking some down online. Macks PW has them on their site, but apparently they're not available. GPG has them on their site, of course, but estimated shipping was over 14 bucks! That's...
  13. RedCloud

    DEAL Special TOO Gear Buy

    I have talked to my guy and we have come up with a Special we would like to run for you guys. We will run this special for 30 days starting today. Orders will be collected and turned in all at one time. This is a Black Hoodie Sweat Shirt with a Gray Buck Skull logo(Shown in white for better...
  14. U

    rain gear

    what rain gear do you guys use for hunting
  15. Mike

    Rain Gear

    Welp, I returned my rain gear that I bought from Dunham's for $60 because I was soaked this evening.:smiley_boos: I went over there tonight after I decided to call it at 6pm. It looked like a decent set, but I was wrong. They took it back as defective and I got my money back. The girl asked me...
  16. bowhunter1023

    GamePlan Gear Customer Service

    I have been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks now, but have been busy getting ready for the season and enjoying the first week. As most of you know, I am a stickler for quality customer service. The quickest way to lose me as a customer is to half-ass your service and the easiest way to...
  17. jagermeister

    Gameplan Gear TTS vs. Molle Pack Straps

    You guys that are using one of these pack systems to carry stands into the woods... I need some opinions. After seeing and trying on Jesse's TTS at the Buckeye Cam shoot, I had come to the conclusion that it was the cat's pajamas for packing in stands. I'm a day or so away from pulling the...
  18. U

    making rain gear last longer

    just pulled my rain gear out of the closet , had an idea last year when i put them up to help make them last longer , when i used a bare hanger the hanger would dig into my coat and pants and cause holes , well i fixed that problem , for a buck at the dollar store. i took a pool noodle and...
  19. Fluteman

    FOR SALE GamePlan Gear Bow Bat

    I've got a slightly used GamePlan Gear Bow Bat for sale. It is two years old, but I never used it last year, and only used it a half dozen times the year before. The thing looks brand new. Also, it is not the XL. I will post pictures up tomorrow for anyone interested. Looking to get $50...
  20. CJD3

    New or Weathered?

    I was chatting w/ a member last night and gear came up so here is my poll; Money aside. regarding all aspects; hunting, fishing and camping or outdoors recreation. Are you the type of person that has to have the "latest and greatest" gear each year or are you the type that will wear it out...