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  1. Dannmann801

    General Question and Answer thread

    It might be fun and educational to throw out a few questions, jump right in.... Seriously...Ketchup packets... Anybody got any idea what the shelf life is supposed to be on them left in your work desk unrefrigerated?
  2. U

    General fishing

    im surprised we didnt run into each other adam , that was one of my go to lakes when i lived up there
  3. U

    how about a general fishing forum

    somewhere we can post about fishing but not specific threads , like announcments or big fish pictures or just fishing questions in general ?
  4. Jackalope

    General Deer hunting

    I realized with a firearms and Archery section that i didn't have a section for just deer hunting questions. Poof.. Now we do.. I will be looking for older threads to move into here... :)