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  1. brock ratcliff

    Goin' fishing!

    We had a great trip to Black Lake in northern Michigan back in July. As soon as we got home and I started fishing the mudholes we call lakes around here, I was ready to go north again! With time being a limiting factor I decided on a trip to Lake Chataqua. Anyone else ever fished it? I...
  2. brock ratcliff

    Goin snaring

    I have quite a few snare setups a trapper buddy gave me, and I just bought enough material to make another 20 or so. Just spoke to one of the landowners in Fayette Co to make sure it was ok with him...He said "Fug yeah, just saw four of the bastards by the barn"...Hehe. I'm looking forward...
  3. Schu72

    Who's goin'

    I know its a few months away yet, but who is planning on going to the Deer and Turkey Expo in Columbus in March? Will tee shirts and decals be ready by then? I have never been. I'm hoping to make it this year.