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  1. ImpalaSSpeed96

    Bowhunting Groundhogs Part II!!!!!

    It's finally here! We were going to edit out the misses and keep it all kills, but we had a lot of great footage and the kills are slowing down. Weather is still cold and I think the females might have litters as we killed a female the other day whose nipples were engorged. It's just slow right...
  2. ImpalaSSpeed96

    Bowhuting Groundhogs video

    Well, this technically isn't Ohio, but it's still a great vid my buddy put together. He loves filming and editing his videos now, so when I went home on leave to NJ, we did some groundhog hunting with our bows. Got a few more kills on video and he decided to reedit his old footage with the new...
  3. Rutin

    8 groundhogs in 2 hours

    Went to the new girlfriends farm the other day and instead of family time I decided to go killing. Popped the new savage .223's cherry on 7 groundhogs and broke the new AR out on one old bastard. Not a bad little hunt for only being out a couple hours.
  4. Bowhunter57

    Are the groundhogs disappearing in your area?

    I've not seen any physical evidence (a coyote with a g-hog in its' mouth), but there's more than one hunter in this area of the state that agrees the groundhog population is dwindling. I used to cover several miles with my vehicle, going from farm to farm shooting groundhogs. I've not seen more...
  5. CJD3

    Happy Groundhogs day...

    Just another target...
  6. RedCloud


    So far I have only shot 3 but I really haven't spent as much time as I would like hunting them. I didn't have a cam with me for the first one I rolled while it was running at about 70 yards out lol. Dante can tell you all about that one lmao.
  7. RedCloud

    Groundhogs in the snow ?

    I decided to head out to the woods this afternoon and took my youngest daughter with me. We drove the truck back to the edge of the woods and took out some corn and the trail cam and picked up my climber stand. We took the climber back to the truck and she wanted to go for a walk and check out...