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  1. A

    Guess what

    welp the broke into the farm last weekend.......broke into the barn this weekend stole my saw. if yall got contacts in eastern ohio that might no anything contact me.
  2. Ridge Runner

    Well I guess I got some activists angry.

    So I posted yesterday about the kitty culling in the news. Well I got sucked into the debate after reading some of the comments. Over time I noticed that people who were commenting had no idea about the details of the article. The people that did the most bashing knew almost nothing about the...
  3. cotty16

    Guess Who

    This was an email sent to me: I WROTE A BOOK ABOUT MY STRUGGLES I was born in one country, raised in another. My father was born in another country. I was not his only child. He fathered several children with numerous women. I became very close to my mother, as my father showed...
  4. L

    Guess the score

    O.k guys what are your guesses for score of this deer? I know the correct number and will post it after most guesses are in. I really do not get caught up on the score of a deer as a shooter buck is a shooter buck to me all the same, but I just so happen to know the exact score of this big...
  5. CJD3

    Guess who got my deer...

  6. Diablo54

    Guess What?

    I know something lmao
  7. U

    guess the speeding ticket

  8. Tree Monkey

    Guess the score???

    Guess this deers score...... I will post th deers score in a couple days......the winner gets a date with Joe !
  9. RedCloud

    Any guess on age ?

    I was out looking for shed, shrooms, and groundhogs and ran across a big old doe that had dead within the past 2 weeks. I'm not sure what she died from but I did notice while looking at the teeth she had an abscess in one of her molars. It had been infected bad enough that it ate away some of...
  10. Ohiosam

    I guess this is a good place for this topic.

    Went to an auction today and I'm now the proud owner of a Bridgeport vertical mill. It's an older, basic model but a friend who has a machine shop looked it over and said it was in great shape. I ended up with a bunch of tooling, a Bridgeport vice, rotary table, boring head and a big assortment...
  11. U

    guess what i gone and done did

    this is a good thing though , my family became a foster family for the harrison county humane society, ill be giving them a home and doing obediance training until they find a permanent home , i know i know like i need another thing on my plate , but this one is for a good cause
  12. Thunderflight

    Guess the score.

    My buddy scored his Maryland buck. Take a guess on the green score.
  13. Tree Monkey

    guess this deer?

    I should put this in the dead deerz wall but I didn't kill them....,but let's see who can guess the deers name....like the smith buck for example. Here is the first one......,