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  1. finelyshedded

    Happy Birthday Hicks!

    I saw it was your birthday buddy. Hope you have/had a great one!
  2. Buckmaster

    Phil MaGroin Hicks

    I had some major wood this weekend. A big red oak.
  3. bowhunter1023

    TOO Hall of Fame Inductee: Phil Hicks' "The Deer That Hooked Me!"

    The Deer That Hooked Me! After talking about it for several years, 2008 was the year it would happen… I was going deer hunting! My good friend kept telling me: “Just say the word. I will put you in ‘the big woods’.” I had been reading on the internet, buying magazines, and I was always...
  4. Beentown

    Hicks I couldn't do it.

    Finished mowing my land then the wife said I should drive down the road and mow the old mans on the corner. Its a long story but his mower is broke and he is older. But the point was I don't see how you used to be on a mower all day! Mowed approx 6acres of rough ground and man am I feeling...
  5. JD Boyd

    Pics for Hicks

    Here's how we move snow...