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  1. Bigslam51

    still holding

    I came upon a 7 point buck and a doe on the way to my turkey blind this afternoon. I filmed it for 10 minutes, it got to within 15 yards of me and never knew i was there!
  2. Bigslam51

    some still holding

    Just saw a 4 point full rack in stark county.
  3. Bigslam51

    still holding

    Stark county
  4. dante322

    still holding on

    I cant believe these 2 are still holding both sides gonna have the new ones push the old ones off.
  5. saddlepants

    BUtt? BUTT? I swear officer it isn't mine - Im just holding it for someone.....

  6. D

    Deer still holding

    I went down yesterday to check my cams and scout for turkeys. I was surprised to see a buck I call "crabclaw" still holding his set. This will be one of the deer I will have my eyes on this summer. He could fall into my hitlist category if he puts on some more inches this summer. Right I would...