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  1. hunna771

    Hunter's Trailcam 2012

    Went out yesterday and spent a few bucks on a new trailcam, mineral and a trophy rock.I was super stoked to get a cam on the new prop. i'd be hunting this year so i got it out there around 5:30p.m. before i had to go to work. I had drive times this morning and i was really anxious to check the...
  2. T

    Looking for Northern Ohio bow hunters

    I am looking for a couple hunters that want to get together and lease some land. I am new to Ohio so I don't know anyone here that hunts. I have been looking at a few leases on basecampleasing that look interesting. It would be more economical to find a few respectful hunters to join me. If you...
  3. Rutin

    200" buck found by mushroom hunters

  4. "J"

    NE Ohio Turkey Hunters

    Saw this and figuired I'd pass it along.... I'm not a turkey hunter (yet) but if some who are and close by may want to get their turkey preseason fix.....
  5. xbowguy

    Hunters Army

    > AMERICA 'S HUNTERS --- Pretty Amazing! > The world's largest army... America 's hunters! I had never thought about this.... > A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion: > There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the...
  6. Lundy

    Great video for new MZ hunters

    I know that some are fairly new to the whole muzzleloader stuff. This could save you some serious injury. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmsBF6CXs18&feature=related
  7. "J"

    Stupid Deer Hunters in the news.....

    Dateline Illinois: http://www.buckmasters.com/record-holder-faces-multiple-poaching-charges.aspx
  8. Hoytmania

    Deer Hunters Prayer

    O Bless me Lord as I walk in the woods. In search of a buck who here once stood. Please grant me composure, skill and some patience, When I am l lucky enough to make his acquaintance. Give me strength while I face the wind and the cold, And honesty when the stories are told. Give me...
  9. T

    Hunters and taxidermists

    After the hunt is done the next step is to have a professional taxidermist create a very special mount for the hunter. Each one is an individual and as unique as the hunter and the buck itself. The mount is the final step for a memory to last a life time. So many do not think about it at the...
  10. RedCloud

    Great video for yote Hunters

    I found a site that had a great video of yote hunting and toward the end they go over some of the calls and how they work and why they use them. Check it out when you get some time since it is a long full length video (left side). If your short on time and just want to see the calls then go over...
  11. FredT

    Handgun hunters.

    Does anyone hunt deer with handguns? What do you use? How do you practice? Are you any good at it? Any pics?
  12. Curran

    Hunters - The World's largest Army

    Had this one sent to me in an email, just thought it was pretty interesting stuff to think about.... In WWII, Japan's highest ranking naval officer was Isoruku Yamamoto. Although he was Japanese, and his loyalties were unquestionably with The Empire, he studied for many years in America...