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  1. Ohiosam

    Indian considers a primitive ML season.

    From another forum. I said last year if they were going to have the early doe season make it like this. Below, is the language of the proposed primitive muzzleloader season for Indiana. Below that are the comments I sent them. In sending those comments, it appears that you need not be...
  2. brock ratcliff

    Indian Lake

    I've never fished it, but every time I've been by (and it used to be a couple times a week), I wanted to. A buddy bought a house on the lake this summer and has invited us up. This has put it on my mind a bit. Anyone here fish it? Its supposed to be a good perch and saugeye lake...two...
  3. G

    Indian Lake Ice Fishing challenge

    Indian lake Ice Fishing Challenge Jan, 28th 2012.Three age groups 10 & under,11-17 yrs and 18 & up.Three species bluegill,crappie and saugeye.Fish one species or all three,Indian lake is one of Ohio's premier Saugeye lakes.For more information go to Indian lake.com to download flyer,rules and...
  4. Bowhunter57

    Ice Fishing for parts of Indian Lake

    I was talking with a co-worker about ice fishing and he said he'd been out a couple of times to the Long Island area of Indian Lake. He'd caught mostly bluegills and a few crappies. I asked about the ice thickness and he said in the holes he drilled it was 3" to 4" thick. Has anyone been...