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  1. deerjunkie

    Kill shot

    I know you guys are a bunch of killers and like me love to watch stuff get shot so here ya go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynfzcLysHkQ
  2. brock ratcliff

    Road kill

    My neighbor stopped in here a little while ago to show us the buck he hit about 1/2 mile down the road. We've heard about him, and actually saw him a day or two after gun season closed. He crossed the road in front of us about the same place the neighbor hit him. Dang shame.
  3. COB-TY

    Deer Kill 2011

    ODNR says the deer kill is down this year. Mostly the weather> maybe but did the ONDR ever consider that their new check in system might have contributed to more deer killed and not check in???? Poaching in other words...
  4. Bowhunter57

    First kill with my new barrel!!!

    This new cantalever rifled barrel is extremely accurate and I'm very impressed with the knock-down power of these Federal Vital-Shock Sabots. The shot was about 40 yards, from my Summit Viper treestand. I watched the 3 does for about 20 minutes before making a shot. I was waiting on the 3rd...
  5. Rutin

    Time to kill some yote!

    Didnt wanna jack JBrowns thread but Im having a huge problem with them in my urban spots. Time to get aggressive with the bow and lay a few out! Saw one last night but it got in the corn to quick! Heres 4 yotes in one pic during daylight and this happens alot!
  6. bowhunter1023

    We're TOO Good: 2011-2012 Kill Thread...

    It's time to start stacking up the dead bodies fellas! Be sure to post your success in here so we can keep a running tally. Deer, tree rats, song dogs, whatever. We are equal opportunity killers in these parts!!! :smiley_clap: The Ohio Outdoors Kill Count Bow Kills: Does: Bucks: Others: Gun...
  7. ohio mossy oak

    This guy will kill the next World Record Whitetail

  8. Rutin

    Jake kill video

    This years Jake kill.... last day last hour.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADrIddq5UkY&feature=share
  9. Beentown

    Need to kill a deer...

    since I am officially out of deer meat. Thought I was a couple days ago but I found one last package of breakfast sausage I made up. It was good but I REALLY like cooking with venison. Beentown