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  1. finelyshedded

    Nephew killed another Indy bird!

    My BIL took his brothers son Brandon out to a friends farm in Indiana and called this 23#, 10 bearded turkey in to 25 yards by a little after 7 this morning. It had 1" spurs and beautiful plumage. He's getting it mounted on the roost. Tim's friend said there's a much bigger Tom with a harem...
  2. CJD3

    Man killed by Beaver

    "A man was attacked and killed by a beaver in Belarus. Sky News reported the man was on a fishing trip with two friends at Lake Shestakov when they spotted the animal on the side of the road. The beaver attacked the man as he approached to take a photo...."...
  3. badger

    14 People killed at movie premier

    http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-07-20/14-killed-as-many-as-50-injured-in-colorado-movie-shooting What the hell is wrong with people these days?
  4. hickslawns

    Three Ohio Army National guard soldiers killed in line of duty

    The "Goof Off Lounge" hardly seems the appropriate title or place to post this. This is no goofing matter. We lost three Ohioans today. I spent 9.5yrs in the 148th Infantry which later became the 37th. I really didn't want to read this article but felt obligated to do so. It doesn't make it...
  5. matt hougan

    Killed another deer

    After stopping to my buddies shop last night to fix my salter I slammed into a stupid doe. Dumb thing was standing in the middle of the road. At 55mph I had no way to avoid her. I kept it straight, as I slammed on the brakes. Luckily my Snow Dogg MD 75 Snow Plow scooped her of her feet...
  6. hunna771

    Killed a Deer (:

    As many of you may know, about a week ago i shot a doe with my recurve, and never recovered her. That really sucked. I looked for 4 days non-stop and came up with nothing. I believe she is still alive and healthy. Anyways, i checked my muzzleloader on friday to be sure it was still sighted in. I...
  7. saddlepants

    30 Point DOE killed in IL

  8. JD Boyd

    The buck I killed

    I don't think I posted these pics before. He wasn't really on my hit list but I couldn't resist myself...lol Wish I didn't now cause I'm stuck working for the farmer who owns the land till the end of harvest...lol
  9. Redvette

    2 Dogs Killed Nation Redbone Days

    Being an ex-competition and pleasure coon hunter I was knocked back when I read that Fred Moran had his nationally known,(don't know what title Homer had but I think it was Grand Nite CH) Homer dog killed by a car while in a cast on a night hunt at National Rebone Days. To make it worse Dwayne...
  10. Beentown

    Congresswoman killed...

    With six others. Gunman opened up at a "town hall" style meeting. Sad... Just happened so no news out about it. Beentown
  11. Thunderflight

    A biggen killed on the WN

    Posted from OS .com by Whooty Hey guys, Mountaineer sent me pics yesterday of the buck he killed Saturday on Wayne Nation Forest. He kept at it this year, kept going back out by himself to hunt and it paid off. I know a lot of u guys dont care for him but some do, and I figured I would keep...