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  1. hammerhead

    Need a good laugh????

  2. Mike

    All you can do is laugh...

    This is how my hunt started last evening. Be sure to turn your sound up and watch the reactions to the decoys. I ended up leaving that spot at 4:30 when I realized the kids were having to much fun at my expense and that they would be around all evening. The course went right through the bedding...
  3. bowhunter1023

    I had to laugh...

    I stopped at Dunhams during lunch to grab some face paint. I parked beside a newer F-150 Raptor covered in mud with a local archery shop sticker on the back. There was an original model G5 Prime with Viper sight on the seat, so I take notice and head inside. In the hunting section, I run into a...
  4. U

    try not to laugh to hard

  5. 1hornwilly

    This site makes me laugh till I cry everytime.

    I normally don't post crap like this, but regardless of what I feel like, if I spend 5 minutes on this site reading these entries that are posted all day...I end up laughing until my face locks up and tears stream down my cheeks. You may have seen it, but if you haven't it's worth it. If...
  6. Dannmann801

    Video Made me laugh....

  7. formerbowhunter1023

    Good for a laugh or 10...