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  1. hickslawns

    Looking to lose some twang

    Okay guys I am looking for suggestions. I bought a Hoyt Spyder Turbo 30. Liking the bow. No complaints there. Just can't lose a twang. I have a Tight Spot Quiver attached, Limb Driver Pro Vee rest, Axcel Armortech sight, and an older Hoyt Fuse stabilizer. Here is what I have done...
  2. Schu72

    How much huntig gear do you lose every year?

    I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm getting tired of replacing stuff. I do my best to stay organized, but always manage to lose stuff. So far this year I've lost or misplaced: Camo beanie cap $12 Breech plug for my Knight Wolverine $30 (replacement just came in the mail) Full Box of Hevi...
  3. 5Cent

    What it looks like to lose $25,000

    This is last years Field & Stream TOC champion. This years competion was last week and it came down to the last of the 7 events again to decide the victor. Unfortunately Chad had some problems with the Kayak the last 20seconds of the Endurance Course and couldn't seal the deal for the 2nd year...
  4. Ohiosam

    Ohio to lose 2 House seats

    WASHINGTON – Republican-leaning states will gain at least a half dozen House seats thanks to the 2010 census, which found the nation's population growing more slowly than in past decades but still shifting to the South and West. The Census Bureau announced Tuesday that the nation's...