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  1. M

    Got lucky

    I had 1 ac. of fall food plot to plant yet. I rototilled and disked it up on 8-24 and not a drop of rain since. before that it was too wet to work up. I looked yesterday and seen a 70% chance of rain today. So I got out there and re-disked the plot and seeded it then ran a light drag across. It...
  2. M

    Lucky break

    Friend round baled our hay today. I had to haul 12 5 ft. round bales 1/4 mile up the road. On the last bale my front tractor tire went flat pulling out of the driveway. Luck break my daughter lives across the road. I went through her front yard about 50 ft. unto a area in front of my road fence...
  3. Kaiser878

    Lucky day...Probably never happen again!

    A month or so ago a friend got a photo of a rare coyote at one of his properties..This property is aobut a mile or so away from where I shot my buck! I thought it was pretty cool to see a coyote that looked like this! Well as luck would have it she found herself in my trap. I would have...
  4. rossbows

    one lucky young man

    We had this stud come in today from the youth gun hunt. It was shot in hardin co. It had 27 points. Buck of a life time.
  5. Gern186

    Lucky day, time to buy a lotto ticket

    Fellas, Yesterday had to be one of the luckiest days of my life..... I went out looking for sheds after work. Parked the truck and got out and started walking down a path I have walked many times before. I got no more than 30 yards from the vehicle and noticed a large deer trail coming...
  6. Ohiosam

    My lucky hat.

    I got this hat soon after I got the Encore and it seems to work. I misplaced it last year and ate tag soup for the first time in many years. Shot wasn't quite perfect but it was good enough.