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  1. Beentown

    Saugatuck/Holland Michigan?

    Headed up soon. Any recommendations from anyone? Just a short trip for us this year vacation wise with the little one.
  2. Bowhunter57

    Cadillac Michigan...if ya got the fever!

    If ya gotta go and can't wait until next year, then there's some good ice fishing to be had in Cadillac, Michigan. Depending on how far you wanna drive, etc., but it's about 5 hrs. from Lima, to give you an idea of the travel time. There are a bunch of guys going from Ohio Game Fishing...
  3. Mike

    Mounts from my parents Michigan farm

    Here are some deer mounts from my parents farm (Southwest MI). They were killed by "the guy" who lives at the front of the property. He has 10 mounts total. Some are very small, some are OK and some are big. He likes to get his bucks mounted. He is the only guy who has legally hunted the...
  4. Bowhunter57

    Anyone ice fish Lake Michigan?

    I've been watching too many videos on ice fishing Lake Michigan and most of them on the Wisconsin side of the lake. Here's one that has got my attention: www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4_E7BRzc68 Is this video NOT representative of Lake Michigan? Is the steelhead and brown trout fishing as good...