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  1. jagermeister

    Got the fever? I gots the medicine...

    Bow season is not far away, and I'm really starting to get excited for it. Only problem is, this damn 100 degree heat isn't helping much. It's too hot to get out there and hang stands, check cams, or shoot the bow. Anyone else getting antsy? Here's a little somethin something to get you...
  2. bowhunter1023

    Midwest Whitetail Ohio - Opening Weekend Show

    If you guys have not had a chance to check out the latest episode of Midwest Whitetail Ohio, click on the link below and give it a watch! These guys do a great job of filming and editing a semi-live hunting show available online on a near weekly basis. I've met Jason Huntsman a couple of times...
  3. R

    Funny hunt on MidWest Whitetail

    If you haven't watched the MidwestWhite show from this week (and I watch them every week), make sure you check this one out! VERY FUNNY! http://www.midwestwhitetail.com/gallery/80/media/2723/oh1022-muzzleloader-kickoff.html (We should get those guys to sponsor with us...) Capt