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  1. moundhill

    Been missing it

    I've been kinda missing fishing lately (I havnt gone in about 3 months :smiley_blackeye:) and decided to get back on OS and view a thread from a few years ago when i caught my biggest bass. I figured we could get back into some fish convo with some pics or stories of your guys' biggest fish or...
  2. Milo


    Okay guys i REALLY need your help here. something unbelievable happened last night and it will take a few good men to help me out. I FLIPPIN WIFFED ON MY BROADHEAD TARGET! WTF..that dam thing is in orbit i think so keep an eye out and if anyone has any contacts with NASA tell them to let the...
  3. Huckleberry Finn

    Missing: T-Shirt

    New TOO Slogan: "Hang with Huck, Wear His Clothes Home" Did anyone take home my black under armour t-shirt, got the antlers on the front? Haven't seen it since the campout. Call me clothes careless, I'm just trying to be like Phil and give ya'll the clothes off my back.
  4. Jackalope

    Missing members.

    Just looking through the logs and noticed these guys haven't logged in since Jan 1.. Not bad actually for drop offs but i wonder where they went.. Especially Archetl and Hunter06. ack* Archertl* blemas* bluedog* bowhunter54* bowhunthardin* camofry* foxfarm** hunTer06* MorganD*...