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  1. Riverdude

    Happy Birthday OhioSam

    Happy Birthday Sam, hope you have a wonderful day with family, loved ones and friends.
  2. Dannmann801

    Ohiosam, clean out your dang mailbox

    http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=235972866 Whoda thunk? 16 ga AND the 28ga showing up in the same week... decisions decisions
  3. R

    OhioSam - Any idea what this wrench was for?

    I suspect this wrench may have been used for some type of farm implement and was wondering if you, or anyone else, may be able to give me any information on it...
  4. Thunderflight

    What do Ohiosam and I have in common?

    We both have something in common (asides from being really cool). Any guesses?