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  1. Diane

    Now I'm extra pissed.

    Did ya'll see this? http://www.guns.com/2013/04/01/un-arms-trade-treaty-calls-for-disarmament-of-persons-55-and-older/
  2. Rutin

    Pissed off is an under statement

    I set my camera on video mode in my favorite spot, the one with Titan and the Big 8pt coming in and got out there today to check it out only to find out that I left it on setup mode, for two Fuggin weeks! I seriously about lost my mind! I was geeked about checking this camera and getting some...
  3. CJD3

    Now I'm Pissed...

    Left the elect motor on the P boat this winter. (forgot is probably the better word) Went down to it this afternoon to take a ride and the Friggen tree rats chewed 3/4 of my plastic prop off...:tantrum:
  4. Ohiosam

    Kind of pissed off at a buddy.

    Rant mode ON So I have this friend that I take turkey hunting some. It started a few years ago after his wife died and I felt sorry for him. It's turned in to a tradition where he pretty much assumes I'll take him the first day. We always go to the same spot, a place where 3 landowners own a...
  5. hickslawns

    No heat and I am pissed!

    My wood burner has developed a hole in it. Less than three years old and has a five year warranty. Problem here is you have to send it back to the manufacturer. There goes some shipping to and from not to mention the repair costs. Apparently the warranty covers "burn out", but not rust...