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  1. JD Boyd

    One less place for them to hide

    Been clearing a woods the past week and finished up today... Before and now....
  2. Ohiosam

    Sounds like a great place to take the kids.

    rotflmao For anyone who ever has been stuck in traffic, it's a tempting fantasy: If only you were driving a tank and could roll over everything in your path. Some drivers are now flocking to an out-of-the-way spot in southern Minnesota to turn that vision into metal-crunching reality. A...
  3. CJD3

    Happy Place

    In an attempt to improve my mood, I have decided to bring out one of the big guns... A 32 oz. (2 LB) Rice Krispie Treat ( fuggen walmart .)
  4. D

    right place right time.......that's all it takes

    see pics. Caught this stud in my winter rye/oat plot at noon one day and then caught what looks like the same deer cruising next to one of my feeders.
  5. J

    Need a new place

    Ok, I am completely frustrated with the property that I hunt. What is the best way to find a new property? I will be knocking on doors this year and next with high hopes... I would be willing to lease a place at this point in time. What's the best way to approach people to lease their land.
  6. Big H

    Is this the place?

    I figured I better join in and quit lurking since there are so many familar faces here. Plus Buckmaster wouldn't stop bugging me to join. Does he get some kind of monetary incentive or something? :smiley_confused_vra Hello everyone.
  7. Schu72

    Second Place

    My first 5k of the year is on the books. I finished 2nd in the 30-39 age group. I'm still waiting on the overall results. My time was slower than expected, but that's all relative to the course and the competition.
  8. Johnch

    No place for a tree stand .....scaffolding tower blind ?

    I have been granted sole permission to hunt a local farm As the land owner is tired of me asking nicely :smiley_clap: and he wants someone to be around form time to time OK not a big place 120 total acres with about 80 in feilds , 10 acres of overgrown creek botton, 20 or so in CPR and...
  9. Ohiosam

    I guess this is a good place for this topic.

    Went to an auction today and I'm now the proud owner of a Bridgeport vertical mill. It's an older, basic model but a friend who has a machine shop looked it over and said it was in great shape. I ended up with a bunch of tooling, a Bridgeport vice, rotary table, boring head and a big assortment...
  10. U

    my new favorite place

    wentto the dentist today , to see what its gonna cost me to get my teeth fixed, besides the 5 grand its gonna cost me the visit was great , i laid back and watched the versus channel while he worked on my teeth , this place is awesome you get to watch t.v while they work on your teeth ...