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  1. matt hougan

    Making plans for Arkansas 2012

    I will be taking both boys this year with me to Arkansas the week between Christmas and New Years. We will camp, no hotels. Cook our own meals and canoe our way into a mallard mashing hole in the woods. Cant wait .
  2. "J"

    Well What's Your Plans

    For the big Memorial day weekend? I'm fishing some helping the wife around the house and have a tournament on Monday that I hope goes well. Just went and picked up two new deep cycle batteries for the trolling motor which I was surprised as how reasonable they were since I last bought them in...
  3. Dannmann801

    OK Let's talk deer hunting plans

    What's going on? What are ya doin'? Plenty of season left and muzzy starts officially this weekend. What are your plans? I'm excited to be getting back at it after taking December off for the holidays. Gonna muzzy hunt Sat/Sun. Saturday I'll be in the same blind I was in for gun season...
  4. jagermeister

    DIY Draw Board.... with PICS

    When it comes to tuning binary cam bows, or 'slave-cam' bows, a draw board is a very useful tool for checking cam rotation, timing, and sync. Since I own a bow like this, and have been wanting to get into DIY archery tuning, I thought the time was right to build my own draw board. It's...
  5. R

    New Years Plans / Resolutions

    Well, what will it be this year fellas?