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  1. Ohiosam

    I'm going to take the plunge.

    Last Christmas my wonderful wife got me a flintlock rifle. Life got in the way and I didn't shoot it as much this summers as planned. Got it out this morning and no issues with ignition and I was shooting minute of deer vitals offhand at 35 yards. I'm going to practice with it every day this...
  2. "J"

    Made the plunge

    Broke down and bought the Fox Pro Spitfire.... Am sitting here driving the wifes dog gaga,,,, Those yote pups are making it run around and whine like a little baby lol... Will be playing with it till it drives the wife bonkers as well lol.... The crows fighting makes her thing of Alred Hitchcock...
  3. Mike

    Maumee River Polar Bear Plunge

    I did it for the first time today and it was AWESOME! I would recommend this to everyone! Yeah it was cold, but rejuvenating at the same time.