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  1. JD Boyd

    8 point

    Not bad....
  2. 5Cent

    Ten Point acquires Horton Archery Assets

    Just an FYI. I know some memebers have Horton bows, and some were looking to purchase. TenPoint Purchases Horton Archery Assets Published on Monday, July 08, 2013 Tags:Archery News|Horton|Shooting Industry News|TenPoint Crossbows TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Mogadore, OH...
  3. Tree Monkey

    Arrowhead and Spear Point????

    I found these while I was watering the garden.....The white one looks alot like a arrowhead, and the redish one has a perfect diamond shape..... post more pics later,.......
  4. finelyshedded

    Another WR contending 8 Point

    Here's the link: http://www.northamericanwhitetail.com/2012/02/03/potential-world-record-eight-point-buck/
  5. 1

    Nice 8 point sheds

    Found a nice set of sheds yesterday.130" 8 point. This is a buck we call "cowlick" because he has a big cowlick on the back of his neck. He is a 4.5 year old. We have gotten pics of him the last 3 years. Pic taken by my Granddaughter Haylee.
  6. Tree Monkey

    Some of my Spy Point pics...(don't get excited, no big ones)

    Big Momma Simba Smart ass Momma and Triplets Dink Small Buck Looking for some tail NW Ohio Black Panther???? Wide brute Weird Yellow picture, got 7 or so.
  7. saddlepants

    30 Point DOE killed in IL

  8. Mao

    Piebald 10 Point Down

    Well boys he came in to my buck decoy after noticing it while chasing a doe. I grunted two times as he stood and watched my deke at about 75 yards. He turned like he was going to go the other way with the doe, so I snort weezed hard twice and he turned back around and came right in. Given...
  9. bthompson1004

    From the dog's point of view

    Saw this in Field & Stream and thought it was worth sharing... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=IJWj_rUSGnQ
  10. Mike

    At what point...

    does an arrow and broadhead stop spinning after hitting an animal?
  11. Glen

    This years 5 point

    I was heading to my treestand when this guy stood up down over the hill on a bench. Had he just laid there I would have never seen him. His bed was back against the bank. I stopped the Ranger & walked out ahead of it as he had trotted away from me. I found a big old Oak tree to sidle up against...