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  1. Hedgelj

    The post in which I piss off everybody

  2. yotehunter

    cant post pics?

    I'm trying to post pics of my turkey, but having trouble. The pic was took with Motorola tablet. Any help would b appreciated.
  3. Kaiser878

    Post up your mount collections

    Was thinking about this earlier after I had a friend mention it to me that frequents both websites.. Lets see everybody's mounts of all kinds..... Deer: Ducks and geese: Just got this Rossi back last week.
  4. bowhunter1023

    Forgot to post these...

    Nothing "special" so to speak. Just the highlights from Moe's trip past my stand the day before opening morning...
  5. saddlepants

    I was asked to post my pics so here goes...

    This Forum is a little different in posting pics. I had very good luck for a few years but lost my spot in my divorce and lost my luck. The doe pic is important because she finally broke my 2 year sentence of nothing in the freezer. As bad luck would have it the freezer broke and I lost most of...
  6. finelyshedded

    Here's the deal about the Post Office

    Some of you guys on this great site know that I work for the USPS and have been going on 27 years. The USPS is going thru some hard times during this resession but who hasn't. Certainly technology and email have been to blame but there are other reasons as well. Joe says, 44 cents to send a...
  7. JD Boyd

    Post your biggest spike!!!

    Lets see whoe has pics of the biggest spike... I'll go first...Lmao
  8. DJK Frank 16

    Possilble Post Office Closures

    http://about.usps.com/news/electronic-press-kits/expandedaccess/states/ohio.htm What I want to know is where I'm gonna have to go to get my mail... :smiley_depressive:
  9. Kujo

    was hoping to post some new velvet bucks

    Well I picked up a new property this year. It's about 16 acres with a nice size creek running length wise down the property line. I went out and did some work for the land owner 6 weeks ago. I put down some minerals an worked them into the ground, then set up my trail cam 4ft away from there. I...
  10. jagermeister

    Post timeout...

    Question for you, Joe... I have noticed that if you take too long writing a post, the forum logs you off, then when you click on 'submit' it says something about refreshing the page... yada yada yada. At that point, what I do is highlight everything I wrote, then click copy, then re-login, and...
  11. Curran

    Post your Vintage Outdoors pictures here!!

    The family went back to NE Ohio this past weekend for a short visit & I was able to pick up one of my Grandpa's old photo albums. We spent sometime on Saturday afternoon sitting at the kitchen table looking through lots of older pictures and telling stories. I've heard many of them over the...
  12. Schu72

    How do you post youtube videos?

    I need help. Can't seem to get it right.
  13. RedCloud

    Post up some pics

    If you guys wouldn't mind could you toss up some turk pics ? I have a few I grabbed off the site but not enough for the video for later. Thanks for the help fellas.
  14. Johnch

    Anyone ever hang a treestand on a post ?

    OK my anckle is finaly good enough to do a little scouting again I was looking along the one side of my woods today The feild next to that side of the woods will be corn next year I found several trails entering the feild , as the deer are now feeding on the radish we planted as a...
  15. Kaiser878

    Post gun season doe whacking!

    Man I love me some back straps!!!!!!! Decided to hunt behind my house tonight. Unfortunately this old girl got a little to close! The good part about this story is she ran towards my house and died in our field! I drove the truck right up to her loaded her up! Nothing like backstraps for lunch...