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  1. Hoytmania

    Deer Hunters Prayer

    O Bless me Lord as I walk in the woods. In search of a buck who here once stood. Please grant me composure, skill and some patience, When I am l lucky enough to make his acquaintance. Give me strength while I face the wind and the cold, And honesty when the stories are told. Give me...
  2. U

    saying a lil prayer

    look over my brothers this season as they venture out and enjoy this great sport that we love so much , keep them safe while climbing in and out of the trees and and thier trips to and from thier hunting groundss , let the arrows fly true ,and the broad heads stay sharp , keep them safe lord...
  3. Ohiosam

    NASCAR prayer

  4. badger

    Please Send A Prayer Up

    http://www.coshoctontribune.com/article/20101224/NEWS01/12240312/Warsaw-man-dies-in-one-vehicle-crash I just found out a buddy of mine died Thursday night. I was supposed to spend Thanksgiving with Kelly and the whole family but decided to stay home. Folks make sure you enjoy the time you...