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  1. RedCloud

    FOR SALE Heads Up on 2 Primos Truth 35 cams

    At the end of the month I am going to sell both of my Primos Truth 35 trail cams. I have had them a year and wrote a review on them that is posted here on the site. They still work just like they did when I purchased them. Great little cams but I want to go a different route and need to get...
  2. aholdren

    Primos customer service

    I purchased a Primos Vision blind back in March and got to use it twice before the corner zipper failed. The first hunt I struggled to get it zipped and the second hunt it failed so when I got home I called Primos customer service and spoke with Renee Carter, and let me just say that she was...
  3. bowhunter1023

    FOR SALE Pair of Primos Truth Cam 35 Cameras

    I figured I would end up doing this after I purchased my first Primos Truth Cam 60, so I guess now is the time to do so! I have two Primos 35 cams that are fully functional I want to sell so I can buy another 60. I would rather sell them as a pair than separately. I won't lie, the cases show...
  4. Diablo54

    Primos Truth Cam 60

    My Truth cam came in the mail a week ago, although my rechargeable batteries didn't come in until yesterday. I set the cam up behind the house and was happy to see that it was an easy setup. It took a few pictures while I was standing there and sadly "The Clunk" was really noticeable. I went...
  5. RedCloud

    Recent Pics

    Then Just for Beentown :D Hey Jack, Can you load video into the album or does it have to be put on another site and copied over to here to put in a post ?