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  1. teej89

    First pull on new property

    Here's the first pull I've made on the 50 acres I've been given permission to hunt on. Lots of pics, got pics every day for two weeks but no shooter bucks unfortunately. I'll share just a couple of em, lots of doe pics. Enjoy! This one is probably my favorite just wish it was...
  2. Ohiosam

    "My property, my opportunity"

    A campaign to tell Kasich to keep his hands out of our pockets. http://vimeo.com/63064869 http://www.opportunityohio.org/
  3. blemas

    Buying Property

    Well, it has been a long time since I have taken part here, wife and kid, work, house and grad school have monopolized my time lately, I wasn't even sure if I would be able to put any quality time in the stand this season. My wife and I had intended on making a move South in the next couple of...
  4. Alphamax10

    Couple of Bucks on the property

    Here are some pictures of the bucks we are calling Crab and Niner
  5. swamp_donkey819

    2011 deer season property scouting

    goin to scout out the new hunting property that i got this year, hoping to see some nice deer and nice deer movement, will update my results later tonight, hopefully some pictures to
  6. Kaiser878

    New property!

    Was pleasantly surprised when I checked this cam! Have had all these deer and other bucks in the daylight. The last buck is a dandy, but picture quality sucks, so I am not sure what he is!
  7. huntn2

    Shooters per property or per acre?

    How many shooter bucks do you average on the properties you hunt? Do you find you get only one big boy per property or do you have multiple shooters? Obviously acreage, food, cover, water, hunting pressure, etc., can and will impact the number of deer and their patterns, but in general for...