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  1. CJD3

    One more reason to Quit Smoking

  2. Ohiosam

    A big reason ARs are so popular

    Changability I have 2 Armalite National Match rifles that I bought when my kids were shooting service rifle. Haven't shot them much the last couple of years. Been thinking about getting a flat top upper to use one as a varmint rifle but just couldn't bring myself to spend the $6-700 minimum...
  3. matt hougan

    A greater reason for hunting

    Buddy of mine sold his landscape business to follow Christ. He is an amazing young man. Take a minute to look at his web site. Really good stuff. http://heartoftheoutdoors.org/ Also, anyone near Dayton or Cincinnati we have 15 struggling families signed up to receive venison. We've arranged...
  4. benehunter

    The reason I'm still at it

    This video was taken on Monday December 6th and I am pretty sure he made it through last weekend too. But if I don't get a chance at it Ill be happy to know he should be a monster next year. http://s353.photobucket.com/albums/r381/benehunter/?action=view&current=PICT0006.mp4 Here are some pics...