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  1. dante322

    Appliance repair?

    Anyone know anything about washing machines? our took a poop yesterday. It will fill and agitate, but wont drain. I'm hoping its just a switch or a relay not telling the pump to come on. Hopefully it's not the pump itself.
  2. Dannmann801

    Anybody ever deal with Bob's Cycle Repair in Houston OH?

    at Hit-the-gas dot com They're advertising an ATV that I'm somewhat interested in. I've got a little hesitation about buying used from a shop instead of an owner...was wondering if anyone here has had any dealings with them and could offer any feedback?
  3. Mike

    Poured foundation crack repair

    Not hunting related, but worthy of mentioning. I'm currently working on a crack and I'm waiting for the epoxy to cure. This method is for poured concrete walls only. http://www.emecole.net/videos/crack-injection-pro.php I've done over 120 feet of cracks in basement over three years and it...