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  1. themedic

    Turkey Skin Rug

    Last spring I attempted to make a turkey skin rug by skinning and borax/salting the hell out of my toms feathers. I then sandwiched it between two plywood sheets and put it in my garage rafters for the summer to dry out. If the mice wouldnt have chewed the tips off a few of the feathers I would...
  2. Thunderflight

    Bear Rug!!!!!

    Is done!!!! (but I don't have pictures yet) I just sent the taxidermist the final payment plus the money for shipping it to my mothers in Ohio. We're outta here on Saturday and hopefully it'll arrive next week.
  3. JPN

    bear rug

    I just picked up my bear I shot last september. It was done by Greg Clossman in Zanesville, Ohio. Im really happy with how it turned out. Here he is before...