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  1. Riverdude

    Tracking Santa Tonight.

    Well since I am going to up alot tonight I am going to keep my eye open for Santa and track him so I know when he is getting close to Rig 317. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. http://www.noradsanta.org/en/
  2. saddlepants

    Deer Hunter Meets Santa...

  3. hickslawns

    Santa or Jesus?

    My kids were being, well kids, in church tonight. Told them they better tighten it up a bit because Santa hadn't come yet. He was still watching them. My 9 year old daughter said "But Santa will forgive you if you are a little bad. You just can't be bad all the time." I had to explain to...
  4. Bowhunter57

    Santa Claus question...

    Do you know why Santa Claus is so happy? Because he knows where all the bad girls live. :smiley_bril: :smiley_chinrub: :smiley_crocodile: Happy Holidays, Bowhunter57
  5. jagermeister

    Santa is a Cutco fan!

    I was surprised this morning with an early Christmas gift from a good friend of mine. Something I've been in need of for quite some time... a new knife! This is the Clip Point Outdoor Knife by Cutco. I've never owned a Cutco, but this appears to be an awesome all-purpose knife. To top all...