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  1. M

    DEAL Savage 10ML-11 smokeless

    I maybe able to supply blue NIB Savage 10ML-11 50 caliber smokeless muzzleloaders as a closeout price. The Model 10ML-11 has been discontinued and may not be put back into production because of demand for centerfire rifles. Will only last until the Distributor we deal with runs out. Sent me a PM...
  2. themedic

    My uncles Smoke Phase Turkey

    Just wanted to share a picture and story with everyone at TOO. This is a smoke phase gobbler my uncle shot on March 25th and the full story of the hunt. Enjoy!
  3. CJD3

    holy smoke

    http://www.myholysmoke.com/About.html Www.myholysmoke.com Something to consider for some shooters
  4. bowhunter1023

    Think I'm blowing smoke?!?

    I've told people about seeing 50+ pounds dogs around and I get some funny looks. Now I'm no expert at judging weight on coyotes, but I know the frame my 90 pounds lab is built on and this yote ain't TOO far off pace! Regardless of his actual weight, this is one big ass yote!!!
  5. Jackalope

    Testing a new auto tagging system, hunting, deer, turkeys, slicktricks, midgets

    did it work? Yep. ) This has a potential to cause some issues.. It takes key words from the title and makes tags from them at the bottom of the thread.. If you click this tag it will show you all threads with a similar tag. Say you read a thread about coyote hunting. You can click the coyote...