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  1. rgecko23

    FOR SALE Montant Ghost Camo Snow Ghost Bibs and Coat

    I will post pics up tonight, but I am wanting to sell my Snow Ghost Camo Bibs and Parka. They are size XL and are huge on me. The zipper on the right leg of the bib needs fixed, but basically brand new. I have really only wore them a couple times. The warmest and quietest stuff I own. Waterproof...
  2. Johnch

    Wtf snow !!!!!

    Anyone else have some this AM ? I could not sleep So I have been up for a while I just went out side The yard has a 1/2" of snow and ice on the sidewalk Not what I was expecting John
  3. Bowhunter57

    Yellow Snow?

    Don't eat yellow snow! We've all heard the saying and we know what it means....or do we? :smiley_chinrub: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqD2tKpdPY8 Bowhunter57
  4. RedCloud

    Sick of snow

    I can't wait for it to warm up a bit and stop this snow BS
  5. Mike

    Blue snow?

    Do you guys know what this is? Looks like urine. We saw it many areas in the preserve. Do Smurfs exist?
  6. hickslawns

    White Gold falling from the skies

    See you fellas in a few days. There is some nectar from the snow gods falling from the skies. I need to get some equipment rolling to gather up the money they are dropping from the sky! Hope you all fair well with this nasty storm. Be safe out there! I honestly don't care about the money...
  7. Bowhunter57

    How does snow effect the ice?

    I've noticed 4" to 5" of clear ice on most of the ponds that I've been ice fishing. Usual ice growth is 1/4" to 1/2" per 24 hours of below freezing temperatures. This only applies to a static body of water...with no flows under the ice. Otherwise, ice thicknesses could vary. It's been below...
  8. Beentown

    Let it snow!

    I would love for a good coating of snow on the ground for the upcoming ML weekend. I love hunting in the snow especially during gun seasons. Saturday I plan on sitting all day. Sunday if the snow is on the ground I am going to still/stalk hunt. Whatta you going to do? Beentown
  9. Ohiosam

    Phil, need help plowing snow?

    This guy might need a job. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt_r-jO3lKE